In Chocolat - they found their life's passion!

We’ve all experienced that feeling - watching a film that inspires you to indulge your passions and follow your dreams – only to see your fantasies fade with the final scene.

After seeing the movie Chocolat in 2000, Isilda Caldwell and Milton Laycock dared to dream of becoming master chocolatiers, spending their days creating exquisite hand-crafted chocolates. But rather than let the cold hard light of day diminish their dream, Isilda and Milton used it to illuminate a path towards making that dream a reality.

A delicious combination...

It soon became clear that their individual skills provided the perfect combination to establish and run Mornington Peninsula Chocolates.  As a potter, Isilda would bring the creative flair to the partnership (not to mention a passion for quality chocolate) - and Milton with a background in mechanical engineering would take care of the technical aspects.

Throwing themselves into learning everything they possibly could about the art of chocolate making, Isilda and Milton embarked on a journey that would take them around the world.  They attended courses both here and overseas and worked with the world’s best chocolatiers and patisserie chefs in France, Switzerland and Belgium.They attended fairs, sourced equipment and researched the best chocolate making techniques all in their quest to create the finest chocolates on the Mornington Peninsula.

Striving for Excellence and Quality...

In their unstinting pursuit of consistent quality, Isilda and Milton continue to upgrade their knowledge and skills attending International fairs, sourcing new ingredients, exploring new techniques and researching the latest equipment. They have worked and continue to work with Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman of France) internationally and here in Melbourne. What’s more they continue to learn from the best and most respected chocolatiers in the world as they strive to create and maintain excellence in their product.