Onward and Upward


The MPC café is now a well-oiled machine growing from strength to strength! Since opening last December our contemporary and charming nook amongst the hustle and bustle of Cook Street, Flinders has evolved from coffee and sweet patisserie to a fully functioning café. We are now offering a range of freshly made in-house lunches, French cakes and Belgian waffles, an emporium boasting specialist products and service for private functions / tour groups. As if our plates couldn't be any more full! Despite the load, we do however still manage to find the time to keep up with demand on the handmade chocolates next door...just.

Whether you're seeking our famous hot chocolate or in for a pear, rocket and prosciutto ficelle you'll be treated to a pleasurable experience. Once entering you'll notice the décor, in particular the communal marble table that engulfes the space under a rustic chandelier. Then there is the ambience and a crisp, clean setting that is a reflection of our attention to detail and the seriousness in which we treat hygiene and sanitation throughout MPC. In the display fridge is a wide range of delectible French patisseries and cakes that will round out the mostly French themed experience all the while taking you on a surreal journey to Paris and back and if your taste buds need further appeasing, then look no further than the authentic hot Belgian waffles served with our very own ice-cream. This latest addition to the menu is a definite permanent fixture.

So as the silly season approaches once again, the MPC team will need to expand its force and brace itself for a relentlessly busy summer. As for our customers, I can only advise you to arrive early if you wish to snare a vacant seat and enjoy the space. Café opening hours are 10am-4:30pm Thursday to Monday. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Bookings essential for large groups and tour groups.




The time has arrived!


We are open!

The café has finally opened after months of preparation and deliberation. Coffee and hot chocolate accompanied by an eclectic mix of French patisseries are the main attractions in our new space and in the coming weeks you can expect to find an ever expanding retail section covering all things chocolate. Essentially it will be giving our customers access to our very own chocolate ingredients pantry. Whilst the space isn't quite finalised, it is ready to use and judging by the reception so far it's going to become a major attraction for somewhere to lounge and just take a moment to ponder.


Our hot chocolate is rebooted.

In celebration of our café, the hot chocolate has undergone a complete overhaul and the final result is astonishing. Being supporters of "whole foods" we have chosen to pay homage to the true hot chocolate by stripping the recipe down to the bare-bones. In essence it is very simply comprised of pure Swiss origin couverture chocolate and milk (no powders here). Being a trade secret I can't reveal more than that so I urge you to try it for yourself - and be taken away by it. 


Christmas rolls in to the fore all too quickly...

Not meaning to overshadow the festive season with all the hype of our new hot chocolate and café so I will mention that we are once again wishing for time to freeze in an effort to prepare enough chocolate for the Christmas period. Bubble decorations, Santas and Christmas Trees are rolling off the production line like Commodores out of the GM factory before the GFC ...well almost. It is mayhem here in the kitchen so unfortunately we have finished taking all orders for this year. Hope you find what you're after in store before everything runs out.

Happy Christmas and see you soon for a coffee or hot chocolate.

February Holidays

Hello everyone,

We would like to inform you that Mornington Peninsula Chocolates will be closed from 3/02/15 to the 18/02/15 re-opening on the 19/02/15 (Thursday) for normal trade as usual.
We won't be making any stock orders during this time nor will we be taking bookings.
Sorry for the inconvenience and if there are any issues, please contact us on the details below.
We'll also take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a safe New Year.
From the MPChocolates team.
Kind Regards
Isilda, Milton and Chris

45 Cook Street, Flinders, VIC 3929
Ph: + 6103 5989 0040
Fax: + 6103 5989 0051
Mob: 0405 441 786